Krena: Gjakova’s Backbone

Europan 13

The city of Gjakova is a complex urban system, its informal development is representative for the present urban reality in the Balkan region. However the Territorial Development Strategy recognize Gjakova as a crucial point from a national perspective.

We analyzed the territorial region of Gjakova considering different types of landscape: rural, hill, river, urban and peri-urban. In order to reduce soil consumption, loss of forests and pollution, we find it necessary to adopt an integrative approach that takes into consideration all existing relations and conflicts between all territorial components. The clue of our proposal is a diachronic approach that includes all the different variables.

We decided to do a strategy on two regional levels with both general and specific goals, and two urban levels with several axes and measures.

Our goal is to link all the administration levels with a common strategy and to indicate specific tools for a better understanding and control of the the urban development.

We studied the Krena river current situation throughout the research and analysis; it appeared that the Krena River is a neglected area but with a strong potential as a public space and urban connection point.

In our project we imagine Krena river as an URBAN GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE, with particular emphasis on physical recovery, sustainable enviromental and social development and urban green transformation: KRENA GARDEN, KRENA FACTORY LAB and KRENA DOCK.

Our strategy aims to have an influence on the future development of Gjakova, creating an adaptable city in an adaptable region.

Tipology Masterplan
Location Gjakove, RKS
Year 2015
Status competition
Client Europan
Team TMA, Daniele Steffan, Erblin Berisha, Francesca Babbi, Laetitia Huber, Luca Pinnavaia, Marco Marchini